Wilt is the ambient guitar pop project of Taylor Malsey from Portland, Oregon. After cutting his teeth making Boards of Canada-style ambient music (under the moniker Taylor M), Malsey is soon to release Wilt’s debut album, Hand Mirror, which Kyle Bates describes in the press release as a “security blanket woven from wistful feeling that he has created to wrap around his adult self and the listener”.

Malsey’s music sits at an emotional intersection, indie rock entwined in those familiar vines of melancholy and nostalgia. It’s sad music but not quite desperately so, the nostalgic fuzz taking the edge off the sense of seeping loss. Ultimately, Wilt makes music as comforting as it is challenging, Malsey not afraid to explore the sorrowful side of life, but always careful to never submit to it. Rather, he acts as a companion willing to assess our loneliness with us, ready to hold our hand when needed, and front things up, side by side. And perhaps we need it, because, as he says when describing his lyrics:

“The world and people don’t wrap around you securely like they did when you were a child”

We’re delighted to share new single ‘Pane of Glass’, which serves as the perfect example of the push and pull between amplifying and assuaging sadness, capturing the pains of growing up and breaking up in a way that’s strangely comforting. The track brings to mind a quote that seems to floats around, not easily attributable to anyone (though Cesar A. Cruz used a variation as a title to a poem). “Art should comfort the disturbed, and disturb the comfortable.” Whichever side of this spectrum you find yourself, Wilt has something to offer.

Hand Mirror is set for release on the 4th August via Good Cheer Records.