Greetings readers. Erika here, making my 2017 debut writing for VSF!  2017 was some year, am I right? After the unspeakable horror that was 2016 I predicted that 2017 would be a strong year for music and art and I think it’s safe to say that I totally nailed that prediction.

All year VSF has been selecting and sharing just the tip of the musical iceberg and today we’re sharing an extra special mix to help you ring in the new year, featuring some names you might not have heard ’round this site before.

Tonight we ease the passing of 2017 into bygones as we celebrate the arrival of a ripe, new, fresh-out-the-box year.  So revel in the sounds of 2017 a little longer and raise a glass of cheer!  Here’s hoping you all start 2018 off on the right foot and let’s hear it for the class of 2017!



Smoko by The Chats
Most likely to make you take up smoking in the new year.

“Is it smoko?”

Also most likely to make you and your friends break into Aussie accents and most likely to be shortlisted for a Pulitzer. That craft! If you haven’t caught onto this song yet, don’t worry, it’s not too late. This song is so damn cool. The Chats are so damn cool. Watch the video for “smoko”, listen to this entire album and level yourself up already.


Love Is by Dude York
Most likely to make you self conscious if you hear it when you’re sitting in the back of a van.

“From the ceiling, David Beckham they will beckon!”

I’ve heard this song referred to as the best song Veruca Salt never wrote and I think that’s a fair description. If you, like me, are into girls shout-singing cynically then this ones for you.


Bed by CENDE
Most likely to be really, really fun to sing along to.

“I get into bed, I could get owwowwoouut”

2017 was not only the year that CENDE released this amazing track and brilliant album, it was also the year we said goodbye to CENDE. Gone far, far too soon.


Sleep In by DiCaprio
Most likely to be accurate af.

“Get up go to bed get up again go back to bed”

I’ve been playing this song ritually all year long. The lyrical content and music are like a pairing made for you by an artisan who is an expert of existential anxiety. So rarely does every part of a song align so perfectly to make something so simple yet affective.


Little Rat Charm by Patsy’s Rats
Most likely to make you start using ‘little rat charm’ as a term of endearment.

“Cause you’re my little rat charm, baby.”

I really, really like this band. Everything about this band. This song is a super sweet power-pop ballad and should be dedicated to the ones you love most.


I’m Just Snacking by Gus Dapperton
Most likely to get you dancing mid-swoon.

“Honey, I’m full, so what are we snacking for?”

Gus Dapperton is pretty new and already has a pretty big following so maybe he’s a weird one to mention on this site, but his music is just so infectious! So let’s not overthink it! Let’s just enjoy the music!


Grass Walls by Oh Boland
Most likely to wake you up happy when you’ve set it as your alarm.

“Oh I wish I was, oh I wish I was, oh I wish I was.”

I love this song because it feels really good. And it was released on a charity compilation from Paper Trail Records with all proceeds going to The Abortion Support Network, so buying it on bandcamp feels good too.


Sad Boy by Deer Scout
Most likely to make you feel like being sad is the most magical thing ever.

“I’m the saddest boy in the nation.”

This song was released as a single back in June and it’s got some nice shimmery sounds in it. So, it might not make you want to party or dance all night but it’s the right mix of sad and happy so, I think, totally NYE appropriate.


Codex Hammer by Pool Holograph 
Most likely to help you find your way out of a labyrinth.

“It hurts to be alive.”

I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly makes this song so good but the guitars are intricate, the rhythm is driving, and the vocals are somewhere between nonchalant and restrained. There’s lots of space in the song and it feels like it has a current.


Autoimmune by Gorgeous Bully
Most likely to make a situation seem more complicated but also cooler and more profound. 

“What will they say, when you’re gone?”

The highlight of my musical year was going to Art is Hard’s birthday party in Bristol and finally seeing Gorgeous Bully live. I’ve been a big fan for years. Nobody writes sad, angry lo-fi songs quite like Thomas Crang.

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