Tennis Club are a garage band from Joplin, Missouri. Back in September the outfit released a self-titled album on label Spirit Goth Records, a record that contains an abundance of surfy garage rock riches. Tennis Club like to do things short and sweet, each song a shimmery little nugget of lo-fi goodness. This is apparent from the outset, the bouncy ‘Lovely Haircut’ tempered by Wilson Hernandez’s ever so wistful vocals.

There’s just as much fun to be had on ‘Halloween Creep’, which rollicks along at quite a lick, while ‘Birthday’ is wonderfully fuzzy and catchy, pretty much everything you need in a lo-fi track.

“People say you’ll come around
it’s not true, but I want it.
People say, just give it time
drink some wine, but I’m spinning”

‘Cola’ sounds like it’s hopped in a time machine from the coolest corner of the 50s (“in town for the weekend, coca cola party!”). ‘Wendy’ is blown out with feedback, the sugary vocals oozing through the staticky instrumentation, before closer ‘Chinese Slippers’ closes out with an immediately infectious drum beat and the warm fuzzy sense that things are going to be alright.

Tennis Club is out now on Spirit Goth Records and available as a free download from the Tennis Club Bandcamp page.