Life is a Minestrone is a music blog based in France which works hard to uncover unknown musical gems. Since 2014, they have also been releasing free compilations of emerging bands/artists from across the globe. To celebrate their third anniversary, they have teamed up with label Hidden Bay Records (who you may remember as the folks behind some great releases by Glider, Lunar Quiet and Andrew Younker), to release Lost Songs & Other Favorites, a compilation that celebrates some of the discoveries over the last three years.

The compilation features end-to-end quality international lo-fi pop, capturing the multitude of styles and feelings present across the diverse genre. From the bummed out vibes of ‘Limit to Forgiveness’ by Viewfinder (from their great album Born Ticking), to the manic ‘O Positive’ from Sydney’s Sachet, the compilation veers all over the emotional spectrum. Shy Boys provide sweet pop, Molten Salt a fuzzy bliss, and Merce Lemon’s pet love song a hyperactive bounce that chases its own tail into a fantastic singalong chorus. In short, a box packed full of hidden gems that you would be silly not to reach into and grasp for a new favourite.

You can get Lost Songs & Other Favorites now, on cassette or name-your-price download from the Hidden Bay Records Bandcamp page.

lost songs and other favorites cassette tape life is a minestrone

Artwork by Manon Raupp