Beverly Tender are a two-piece based in Providence, Rhode Island. Following up from 2015’s Lord Mayor Makes 1,000 Speeches, which we included on our Favourite Free Music of the Year list, the duo are back with a brand new record on Disposable America. Judging by the first two singles from What Have You Done to My Water?, which premiered with our friends at Post-Trash and The Grey Estates, the album blends emotional warmth with a volatile edge, the tracks oscillating between the intimacy and sincerity of bedroom pop and an altogether stranger pole, where things shift and morph and end up in a space not quite our own.    Today, we’re delighted to share a third track, ‘Whose Taxidermy Horse’. Slowing the tempo from the previous singles, the track drags and shuffles with an exhausted air, as though occupying a place too warm to bother, the surroundings slowly melting into a viscous swirl that bubbles of its own accord. Eventually, the vocals kick back in, this time with a renewed sense of energy, making the song seem like a piece of taffy that has been stretched thin, the middle portion looping and spooling in abstract patterns. Take a listen below:

What Have You Done To My Water? is out via Disposable America on the 17th of November and you can pre-order it now via Bandcamp, including a nice cassette edition. Also, if you missed it the first time around, Disposable America is also reissuing Lord Mayor Makes 1,000 Speeches, which you can pre-order here.beverly tender cassette pic