Harley Alexander is back! His first new music since last yearโ€™s Harland, ‘Tiny Bricksโ€™ is the first single from a forthcoming album, Spill Kid, which is coming soon via our friends at Sports Day Records.

Written is several locales across Canada, Alexander says the song is based on the “profound episodes in life that swell from one moment to the other.” A change in direction from Harland, the song feels less like an adventurous travelogue and more a sincere attempt at self-expression. The mumbled vocals and lazy beats give things a somnambulant air, like one of those days where you sit around in your pyjamas and don’t leave the house. But that doesn’t stop Alexander conjuring some pretty striking images, soft and gauzy and dreamlike, but infused with real emotion all the same.

“clouds are my friends when I’ve been on drugs
moss is the place that i know and love
a bridge that meets the garden wall
ancient oak trees a hundred feet tall”

It appears that this will be a continuing them on the new album, which he made “to soothe and reconnect with parts himself, to attack head on the patriarchal conditioning that so much our culture functions on.”

Spill Kid is due for release at the end of the week, but until then you can get ‘Tiny Bricks’ from the Harley Alexander Bandcamp page.