We introduced The Saxophones, the project of California residents Alexi Erenkov, Alison Alderdice and Richard Laws, last year when we covered their debut EP If You’re on the Water, a release we described as “slow dream pop, like a sad croon in a sparsely filled dance hall, Erenkov’s sax snaking around and conjuring an almost Lynchian, noirishly romantic vibe”. 

The good news is that the band are back with a new single, ‘Aloha’, which continues in this manner. The song, which the band describe as “a reflection on the ebb and flow of personal growth, escapism, and the repair of a relationship,” is perfectly poised and patient, unfurling with an elegant grace across its four minute run time, like gentle moonlight glinting across a tropical bay, both sad and somehow not. 

“You saw the cactus bloom
its scent filled your room
You cried a thousand times
and now, you’re fine.” 


‘Aloha’ is released on the 17th of November, and you can order it from The Saxophones Bandcamp page. The track comes with a b-side cover of Twin Peaks classic ‘Just You’, which seems like a great choice for The Saxophones sound, if you needed extra encouragement.