Drew Fitchette is a folk musician out of the Pacific Northwest. Blending elements of primitive guitar and classical composition with certain math rock flourishes, Fitchette’s solo sound is at once recognisable and challenging, using familiar genre features as a way in for the listener, before pushing the boundaries into experimental territory. As such, his debut album, None, Too Many, feels strung out between the old and new, tradition and experimentation constantly subverting one another to create something unique and enveloping that manages to convey much even with its lack of lyrics. As the press release explains:

“None, Too Many is a collection of songs composed over the last year informed by various personal and public events. Recorded over two days in Anacortes, Washington with help from friends, the hope was to capture a sense of place, time, and those involved.”

Ahead of the release of the album, we’re delighted to share the lead single, ‘Bill’. As described above, the track uses an American primitive skeleton upon which it builds its sound, though the various layers converge into something more classical and almost cinematic, bringing a freshness without sacrificing any of the organic spirit. In a way, the sound is much like the forests of the Pacific Northwest themselves, so old and familiar that they conjure a certain nostalgia even in outsiders, yet still possessing some persistent sense of mystery and intrigue, as though within their ancient midst might lie abounding newness.

None, Too Many is set for release on the 17th November via Furious Hooves, including a lovely cassette edition. You can pre-order it now.