LA-based artist Micah Vaultz has many strings to his musical bow. A browse through his Soundcloud page will see a journey through a wide range of genres, from the verse-heavy hip hop and highly polished pop of ‘My Sun Don’t Shine!‘ and piano-led cocktail lounge jams of Happy Hour Tape 1, to blissed out covers of Mac DemarcoΒ and more experimental ambient soundscapes

Occupying the far ambient end of his spectrum, new track ‘endless rain, for limitless pain’ is a cinematic instrumental that’s at once expansive and intimate. Opening with a slow creep, the song gathers intensity as it progresses, as though drawing energy from its own momentum and building into an expansive force. However, despite the grand, sweeping sound of the closing minute, the original playfulness remains, resulting in a single that’s finely balanced and expertly achieved.

Back in August, Micah Vaultz also put out a new EP, At Sonrise, Someone Dies…, an eight-song released of chilled, ambient-infused R&B. As displayed on opener ‘born to die (ft. yuno ito)’, here Vaultz’s sound is slow and expansive, straddling genres to incorporate all of his talents into one swirling mix. Tracks such as ‘micah the prophet’ sound something like bedroom pop played through a hip hop filter, while ‘Master’s Piece (ft. q. sol)’ and ‘Take It (ft. naomi)’ are examples of a more polished, luscious sound, unfurling with a vibe both sultry and mellow. In comparison, the title track is a slow-burn ambient track, shimmering with dreamy focus and wistful echoes which wash with reserved brightness, presenting the sort of comfortable poignancy you can relax back into.

You can find Micah Vaultz on Soundcloud and Spotify, so be sure to explore his back catalogue.