Based in Montreal, songwriter Dana Gavanski combines an unpolished, organic sound and vocals that shine with clarity, creating music which straddles the gap between bedroom pop and a more classic folk. Together with Marie Hamilton (vox/harp), Ben Dwyer (vox/bass) and Ted Crosby (bass clarinet), Gavanski recorded a debut EP, Spring Demos to be released via Fox Food Records. The first single, ‘How Much Is Enough?’ gave a hint as to the levity and grace of the EP, described by GoldFlakePaint’s Trev Elkin as “a curious package of contradictions,” where the “imperfection of the recordings captures the moment and its lucid self-disclosure like nothing else.”

We’re delighted to share the second single, ‘How Long Has It Been?’, an equally striking meld of intimacy and elegance. From Gavanski’s count in, the track feels spontaneous, as though recorded on impulse as thoughts and feeling emerge, though sacrificing nothing in terms of craft and atmosphere. Thematically, the song casts love as a natural process, meteorological or geological, both subject to and capable of great change. Here relationships are for the most part unpredictable, their subjects reduced to superstition and flat hard waiting, blind hope mixed with vertiginous fear, everything beautiful and delicate and tending toward slow disintegration.

“It felt like the wind blew us apart
just so we could begin to see in the dark
to believe in the feeling
that starts in the bones”

Spring Demos
is to be released on the 12th September via Fox Food Records and you can pre-order it now, including on cassette.