Camp Counselor is the recording project of Molly Yacyshyn, who has recently released her debut EP Rose Ceremony on It Takes Time Records (a label Yacyshyn helps run). The EP is inspired by the story of Corinne Olympios, who stars in the US “reality” show The Bachelor. I’m not familiar with the show, so I’m not going to elaborate, but Yacyshyn has this to say:

“Last year my best friend convinced me to watch The Bachelor. this is the result of that. If you’re a fan of the show you, you might be able to tell that Corinne Olympios really inspired me by how insanely funny, smart, and human she is. Because of the way Bachelor in Paradise chose to handle her assault, and that this art was born out of a production team that took advantage of her, and others to a smaller extent.”

The EP opens with ‘The Day I Met You’, a lo-fi keyboard pop song that sounds gently whimsical and will definitely appeal to fans of bedroom pop acts like Frankie Cosmos. Like most of the songs on the EP the song is constructed of keyboard, Yacyshyn’s vocals and some very basic percussion. Opening with a sound clip, the title track is delicately sad, the relatively upbeat nature of the repeated refrain at odds with the poignant backing.

Lead single ‘Tissues’ has similarly dreamy keyboard and soft, beguiling vocals, while closer, ‘Limo Speech’ provides the final shot of bedroom pop, an understated feminist statement in which Yacyshyn vows:

“I will never let my guard down
I will never laugh at bad jokes
I will never worship again
I will never kiss up to a man”

Rose Ceremony is out now on It Takes Time Records. Get it as a name-your-price download or on limited cassette which comes with extra Camp Counselor goodies which could include stickers, pins, a handwritten note or a digimon playing card! If you need any more incentive to buy it, 20% of all proceeds will go to RAINN.