Señor Fín are a five-piece band from Denton, Texas, now based in Seattle, who make a dreamy brand of indie rock with retro pop flourishes. Last year saw the release of Cake Drink, Señor Fín’s third release which earned them comparisons to the likes of Joni Mitchell and The Dirty Projectors, and now the band are set to release their self-titled album on The United Worker’s Party, U.S.A.

We’re delighted to share ‘Joe Charmers’, a single from the forthcoming album. Building on the vibes from the previous releases, the song sees the band with an expanded confidence, ramping up the drums and vaguely psychedelic guitars to create a vivid, sensory corridor down which the narrator leads us by hand. There’s a sense of rejuvenation to the track, an assurance born of discovering oneself or perhaps another with whom you can live as such.

“There was someone in the crowd, I saw
standing out beyond what I could explain.
I caught a look at her through dark windows
I touched her hands, they had likeness to yours
they had the same feel I missed for many months
The warm encounter of another human being”

And such a tactile vibe to the lyrics is unsurprising considering the inspiration. As the press release describes: “The track is a recollection of several larger-than-life characters surrounding Señor Fín guitarist Ronan Delisle’s living situation in Brooklyn circa late 2014; snapshots of roommates and tenants, the excitement of New York nightlife, and questions of identity in a new town all emerge to create the lyrical fabric of this song.”

Señor Fín is set for release via The United Worker’s Party, U.S.A.