Back in 2016 we wrote about Copenhagen’s Jacob Faurholt, describing how his album Super Glue promised hope of recovery and regrowth after a break-up. The triumphant conclusion seemed like an end to a chapter for Faurholt, and hence it was always going to be interesting to see where he went next.

Fast forward eighteen months and the question is about to be answered with a brand new record. A Lake of Distortion is a marriage of folk and lo-fi pop, the latter wrapping around the former in its gauzy noise to produce what the the press release describes as “10 twisted love songs filled with joy and anxiety.” As such, the album sounds very much a product of Daniel Johnston’s legacy, with the final track, ‘Listening to Devil Town’ making such a comparison explicit.

Lead single ‘Before it Starts to Rain’ is essentially a folk song, delicate and tender though fleshed out with a variety of instruments and samples that lend an extra emotive edge. But the title track, premiering with us today, sees something of a change. Set to sun-bleached home video-style footage, the track is lives up to its name, drenched in feedback and gloriously retro rock vibes. Lyrically however, the song is far clearer. Faurholt sounds clear-eyed and sure, not only declaring his love but promising to prove it.

A Lake of Distortion is set for release on the 20th October and you can pre-order it now from the Jacob Faurholt Bandcamp page, including a transparent orange LP edition.