Written, produced and engineered by lead Sarah Tudzin, ‘(You’re Better) Than Ever’ is the first single from LA’s Illuminati Hotties. Self-described as ‘tenderpunk’, the track highlights how the band blend sweet and breezy observations with something a little deeper, the sunny Californian surf-/skate-rock haze hiding post-break-up heartbreak within its sugary core.

“It’s not to say that I’m unfortunate
or that I haven’t been succeeding
but I’m a hushed and quiet resonance
when I wanted to be screaming”

The single comes complete with a suitably summery video from Mark Lammerding. Consisting of one continuous take enhanced with animation from Kat Bingley, the clip finds Tudzin skating through a neighbourhood with all the carefree momentum of the track. As the song progresses, she’s joined by an array of people, the gathering soon becoming something akin to a parade, giving the whole thing a new triumphant edge.

‘(You’re Better) Than Ever’ is available now from the Illuminati Hotties Bandcamp page on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Photo by Alexis Bonin