Honey Joy are a punk band from London. After several EP releases, and a few tweaks to the lineup, they have released their debut full-length on Infinity Cat Records and Everything Sucks Music. The album was produced by Hookworms’ MJ, who’s also worked with acts like Martha and Doe, which is a pretty good illustration of the Honey Joy sound. Infinity Cat describe it as “loud, abrasive and romantic—split in two parts between discordant punk-rock and poppy indie jams.”

Opening track ‘Future’ throws us into the deep end of Honey Joy’s hectic punk rock, a furious and fearless jam about facing the unknown head-on. ‘All We Need’ is equally raucous, but reveals the band’s empathetic edge, what they described to Punktastic as a song about “knowing that everything is going to be okay because you’ve got the best mates.”

“Every person has a story
but it’s not their only one and they
might need to seek help
so make sure you’re there with open arms”

‘Witches’ wigs out for just over a minute and a half, while ‘A.R.V.C’ draws on pop punk, recalling bands like joyride!. Finale, ‘Done’, closes the album with the epitome of what Honey Joy are all about, part manic punk thrash part catchy optimism.

You can get Honey Joy now on limited edition cassette from Infinity Cat Records, on vinyl from Everything Sucks Music, and as a download from the Honey Joy Bandcamp page.

photo of honey joy cassette infinity cat recordings