It’s that time of the month again, a chance to catch up on things you may have missed on Various Small Flames during July 2017.


Basement Revolver – Johnny Pt. 2
Ramonda Hammer – Too Much, Too Recently
Nana Grizol – Photos From When We Were Young
Blood Cultures – Detroit
Spartan Jet-Plex – All the World Pt. 2
Why Not – Ground
Horse Culture – Ruins
Devon Sproule – Trees At Your Mom’s
somesurprises – Late July
Midwife – Song for an Unborn Son
Alder & Ash – The Merciless Dusk
Matt Paxton – Baby Don’t Go
Captain – Hotel Room
Decoration Day – Palms
Magana – Inches Apart
Lizzie No – Monuments
Wilt – Pane of Glass
Blaketheman1000 – Blake
The Wooden Sky – Black Gold
Phoebe Bridgers – Motion Sickness

Be sure to check out our previous monthly roundup mixes, and stayed tuned in August for yet more of the good stuff.