Basement Revolver is a three-piece from Hamilton, Ontario, featuring Nimal Agalawatte, Chrisy Hurn and Brandon Munroe. We first wrote about the trio last summer with the release of the self-titled debut EP, what we called a “statement of intent that swaps out any beginner tentativeness for slow-burning energy.” Fast forward a year and the band have put out their second EP, Agatha, a release that not only hones the intent of the first but expands the sound, their already burgeoning confidence now fully-fledged.

The EP opens with ‘Tree Trunks’, a smouldering cross between indie rock and shoegaze that shows off the distinctive Basement Revolver lyrical style, blending personal, intimate confession with strange abstractions. “Climb into my lungs,” Hurn implores. “There you’ll find smoke rings like tree trunks.” This is followed by ‘Johnny Pt. 2’, sequel to a song on the self-titled album that we described as “a rather desperate plea”, the drums a little more insistent, the choruses wider and brighter. The narrative has switched from the previous desperation to a melancholic acceptance, a display of love despite everything, and the offer of a second chance should the possibility ever emerge.

“You say you still love me
but you can’t do this no more
You say you still love me
but you can’t do this anymore
My door will always be open to you”

‘Mountains’ is darker and brooding yet full of steely grit, swelling guitars rising around the constant thump of drums, Hurn’s vocals swirling above it all in a tone somewhere between promise and threat. ‘Bread and Wine’ changes things up again, opening softer and more content, despite the biblical imagery. The chorus arrives in one great affirming crash, the racing drums and the wall-of-noise guitars positioned just behind Hurn’s voice so as not to overpower it. The result is a triumphant surge, a wave upon which Hurn is buoyed and lifted, and, as a consequence, you will be too.

Agatha is out now via Yellow K and Fear of Missing Out Records, and you can get it from the Basement Revolver Bandcamp page.