Another month has been and gone, taking with it the longest day of the year. Christmas adverts will be appearing on our screens before we know it! The end of June 2017 also signals our two month birthday, and while Various Small Flames might not be done with the cosy nest and partially digested worms quite yet, the coming weeks should seem some tentative attempts at flight—which in music blog terms means new ideas and features. Keep ’em peeled.

In the meantime, check out the mix below to hear everything we covered during June 2017, and click through the links in the tracklisting to be whisked away to the specific posts.


Roadkill Ghost Choir – Classics (Die Young)
Julia Lucille – Darkening
girl valley
– faceback
Deer Scout – Sad Boy
Crushing – Emery Board
Crumb – Plants
Alex Napping – You’ve Got Me
Squirrel Flower – Daylight Savings
Andrew Younker – Pretend Therapist
Outside The Academy – Anaesthetise
Sammus – Perfect, Dark
Miserable Chillers – Love Theme (For The Wilderness)
Ohyeahsumi – Cosmos Bowling
Maud Scheltinga – I’ve Come to Know You Well
Midwestern Exposure – Riverboat
Will Graefe – Blood Feather
Baxter Roy Long – Purpose Against An Unavailing Balance
Idan Altman – Heroic Bee
american poetry club – how i felt about most things
About a Million – Young Bull
Flamingods – Bhima
Headless Pin Up Girl – Forever Watching the Skies
Wild Pink – Albert Ross

Check out the previous round-up mixes here, and stick around next month for yet another selection of the best new music.