Chemtrails are a five piece from London, headed by the partnership between Mia Lust and Laura Orlova. Fresh from their debut release back in December, the band have just released a new EP, Headless Pin Up Girl.

The title track kicks things off, a big bouncy indie pop song. It’s a good introduction to the Chemtrails vibe, part romantic jangle pop, part B-movie schlock, a heart-warmingly weird take on catchy indie tunes. “Way up in the hills, I could be anyone,” they sing as they begin their tale of a shapeshifter, “I waited in the car until the men were gone / in the scaly chest of every lizard king / beats a frozen heart but it can’t do anything.” The second half sees things get even weirder, the lyrics a list of images from the occult and your favourite horror movies.

“Like a panther or the beast of Bodmin moor
from the deepest frontal lobe vibrations
comes the figure of a headless pinup girl
I know all the other beach crustaceans
don’t believe the slimy oyster hides a pearl”

‘Most of Want They Pour on Me Is Scorn’ is equally odd, catchy in a sweetly strange way, while ‘Killer Bees’ is something of an update on the classic murder ballad. Lead single ‘Deranged’ continues the sociopath-pop vibe, an impossibly joyous ode to being the odd one out. The release ends on ‘Forever Watching the Skies’, another song that references a shamanistic ceremony, all bone crowns and stone tables and fervent fireside chanting.

Headless Pin Up Girl is out now on PNKSLM Recordings and you can get it from the Chemtrails Bandcamp page.