New Brighton band Crushing, featuring members of Personal Best and Cheap Lad Pints, describe their music as “heart-warming indie pop somewhere between The Weakerthans and Pavement.” ‘Oi Jealousy,’ the opening track from their self-titled EP, immediately makes good on this promise through warm guitar, manic drums and emotive vocals. ‘Sleeping Bag’ follows in a sweet lo-fi fuzz, with its repeated refrain of “everything might be okay now,” while ‘Sweat Vapour’ teams under cool laid back guitar with affecting vocals.

But perhaps the most emotional moments on Crushing come on ‘Telling Lies’, a stripped-back indie pop song that builds to a rousing finale. “But the truth is I still feel young and scared on the inside.” guitarist/lead Jay sings, “and anyone who says otherwise is just telling lies.” Final track ‘Emery Board,’ which is possibly the most noteworthy, begins with a noirish vibe, shadowy bass plodding behind razor-sharp guitar and disaffected vocals, before blooming into something catchily energetic, eventually fading away into the void.

“I graded away, my closest friend
with an emery board
and an empty ballpoint pen”

Crushing is out now on cassette and digital download via North London label Keroleen Records. Get it from their Bandcamp page.