Casey Golden is a folk pop/Americana artist from Tucson, Arizona. Not content with contributions to fellow Tucson acts Night Collectors, Secret Highway Secrets and Union Pacific, Golden’s first solo album, Luster, was the culmination of four years of bedroom-recording that set his voice against what he describes as “ghostly textures and dissonant harmonies”.

Now Golden is back with a self-titled follow-up, a record which sees the Casey Golden sound expand with the introduction of violins, flutes, pedal steel, vocal harmonies, and piano, The result owes as much to 1960s Brazilian tropicalia as it does traditional folk pop. The label say the album “offers a space to reflect, ponder [and] question, as you swim through a murky ocean just off of a Brazilian shoreline, where all the past lives go to tango and drink Tecate”.

‘The Corners of My Song’ is the perfect example of this, winding pedal steel mingling with Golden’s vocals, soft as the white sand of an exotic shore. As such, a certain mellowness permeates the track, though one tinged with a sense of longing or nostalgia, something in the vocals or lyrics suggesting a gentle sort of sadness that’s intrinsic to time passing and people changing.

The self-titled full-length, Casey Golden, is out today (10th March) on Muscle Beach Records, and you can grab your copy now from the Casey Golden Bandcamp page.