Long Island Ladies is a DIY booking agency run by Mary Stankard and Eric Flores working in (you guessed it) Long Island. They put on shows that allow kids from Long Island to see some great bands and have fun in a safe environment,¬†right on their doorsteps. But, not content with putting on shows, Long Island Ladies have also branched out into compilation curation. Long Island Ladies #1 collects 22 covers of songs by the various projects of Allison and Katie Crutchfield, (i.e. Waxahatchee, P.S. Eliot and Swearin’).

What this translates as is a really nice collection of lo-fi DIY pop songs. Stand-outs include Libbie 2000’s ‘sister saint’ cover, which introduces some crunchy guitar to smooth bedroom pop, and ‘be good’ by thanks for coming, which brings to mind Long Neck.

There are also appearances from WTD fav Tall Friend, who covers Waxahatchee’s ‘Brother Bryan’, bedbug, who provide a take on ‘Troubled Medium’ by P.S. Eliot, and Deer Scout who covers ‘clumsy’ in her usual delicate style.

All 22 tracks are great, so why not make a small donation and check them all out? You’ll probably find your new favourite band in the process. Proceeds of the project will be split between between two great causes: the Standing Rock Sioux of North and South Dakota to help with their protest against the Dakota access pipeline, and the council of American-Islamic relations’ New York chapter, which has a particularly important role given recent political developments.

You can get Long Island Ladies #1 as a name-your-price download from their Bandcamp page. Remember all donations go to great causes! They have also teamed up with our prolific pals at Z Tapes to give the compilation a physical release. Head to the Z Tapes Bandcamp page to order one!

P.S. For more politically motivated music, check out our post to support the Women’s March, and last week’s generous donation from Bandcamp and a whole host of kind artists (many of whom’s individual donations are still ongoing).