We’ve covered Paul Kintzing’s German Error Message several times in the past, enjoying how each of his releases provide variations on ambient/experimental folk, music that we described as “sort-of-intimate and sort-of-sad [with] that lonely lo-fi buzz that makes it feel DIY and heartfelt and real.”

The new year has seen a new track from the Nashville act. Appropriately titled ‘2017’, the song is probably best described as organic folk, following the above description in its use of various tones and textures which bring the acoustic strum into relief. Couple this with Kintzing’s gentle vocals and evocative writing and you have a song that’s quietly devastating, music that’s captured perfectly in the accompanying video, late-night solitude made strange by stark, staccato forces emerging from the sky or within the skull.

“Maybe I’ll leave my house
in 2017
‘The year of the Lord’
I’ll grow wings and fly into the sun
Is that God or just my own thoughts?”

You can get ‘2017’ now on a ‘name your price’ basis from the German Error Message Bandcamp page.