Part three of the list of our favourite free music of 2016, this time covering artists beginning I – N. For an important explanation re. ‘free’ vs. ‘name your price’, head to the first post.

And, of course, being comprehensive is impossible these days, so let us know if we missed your favourite and maybe we’ll add it to the collection.

cover art for if i die in mississippi album artlessIf I Die in Mississippi – Artless
(RIYL: bedroom pop, ambient, Sam Ray, sad)

IN LOVE WITH A GHOST – LET’S GO album artIn Love With a Ghost – Let’s Go
(RIYL: electronic, chillwave, dream pop)

piece of ivy cover

Jake Bellissimo – Piece of Ivy
(RIYL: indie pop, Gay Angel)

jemima coulter lampside cover artJemima Coulter – lampshade ep
(RIYL: bedroom pop, chilled out, Volcano Choir)

joyride! half moon bay cover artJoyride! – Half Moon Bay
(RIYL: pop punk, indie rock, All Dogs)

julia brown an abundance of strawberries cover artJulia Brown – An Abundance of Strawberries
(RIYL: experimental, indie pop, Elephant 6)

lake michigan gleaming

Lake Michigan – Gleaming
(RIYL: bedroom pop, late night vibes, Arrange)

lance bangs lance mountain album artLance Bangs – Lance Mountain
(RIYL: lo-fi, indie pop, Colin Thibodeauxxx)

lazy legs ep artLazy Legs – s/t
(RIYL: shoegaze, noise pop, feedback)

little kid flowers album artLittle Kid – Flowers
(RIYL: fuzz pop, bedroom folk, reflective thoughts)

long neck spring cleaning cover artLong Neck – Spring Cleaning
(RIYL: bedroom pop, Cyberbully Mom Club, Jawbreaker Reunion)

max gardener memory lounge album artMax Gardener – Memory Lounge
(RIYL: dream pop, bedroom pop, slacker)

mineral girls seven inches of releaseMineral Girls – Seven Inches of Release
(RIYL: noise pop, emo, indie rock)


moin moin dawn album artMoin Moin – Dawn
(RIYL: folk, bedroom pop, delicate, quiet)

molar pale kids split cover

MOLAR / Pale Kids – Split
(RIYL: pop punk, riot grrrl, The Courtneys)

molly drag tethered rendering album artMolly Drag – Tethered Rendering
(RIYL: bedroom pop, experimental, dreamy vibes)


monarch mtn everyone is here cover artMonarch Mtn – Everyone is Here
(RIYL: grand melancholy, nighttime)

monster rally mystery cove album artMonster Rally – Mystery Cove
(RIYL: experimental, hip hop, tropicana)

moving in sunburn album art

Moving In – Sunburn
(RIYL: bedroom pop, lo-fi, teenage heartbreak)

naps happy all the time album artNaps – Happy All the Time Forever Always
(RIYL: ambient, experimental, tape hiss)

no museums the drifting knives album art

No Museums – The Drifting Knives
(RIYL: basement rock, indie pop, lo-fi)

nice try self titled album artNice Try – s/t
(RIYL: lo-fi, indie pop, Frankie Cosmos)

Nikolas Escudero 100 album artNikolas Escudero – 100
(RIYL: lo-fi, indie pop, slacker)

no dice tapes compilation

No Dice Tapes – 2016: the year all bad things went away and everything turned out to be fine
(RIYL: lo-fi, indie pop, good causes, ironic titles)

noname telefone album artNoname – Telefone
(RIYL: hip hop, rap, courageous poetry)

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