At the end of each year we like to collect our favourite ‘name your price’ music on Bandcamp (or free ones elsewhere). 2016 was another year chock full of great, financially flexible releases, so over the next week or so we’ll be sharing the list in alphabetically arranged segments.

Much has been said recently about how political turmoil and social instability will provide fertile conditions for great art, and whether or not you subscribe to this idea, we’re pretty sure that paying artists makes for even better soil in which to sow creative seeds. The title to this post says ‘free’ music because it’s snappier than ‘name your price’ music, but really that’s a convenient/attention-grabbing misnomer. Bandcamp provides pretty much the most direct way for us to connect directly with musicians and support their work from all over the world, so why don’t we utilise this tool and ensure that art perseveres in the face of everything else that’s going on?

Anyhow, here’s the first segment of the list, covering artists beginning with A – D. We don’t pretend to be in any way comprehensive, so let us know if we missed your favourite and maybe we’ll add it to the list.albosel container coverAlbosel – Container
(RIYL: folk, dream pop, magic woods)

Alexandra Gordon – Rain Songs
(RIYL: bedroom pop, folk, Free Cake For Every Creature)

BB Cream – s/t
(RIYL: pop punk, bedroom pop, lo-fi, grrrl power)

Bedbug – if i got smaller grew wings and flew away for good
(RIYL: experimental, twee, sincerity)

betty becky album artworkBetty Becky – s/t / All the Boyfriends
(RIYL: bedroom pop, punk, lo-fi)

blue smiley return album artBlue Smiley – Return
(RIYL: garage rock, fuzz, dream pop)

bois alseep with songs of longing album artBois – Asleep with Songs of Longing
(RIYL: pop, soul, indie rock)

boy scouts homeroom breakfast album artBoy Scouts – Homeroom Breakfast
(RIYL: bedroom pop, folk, self-reflection)

cabbage oxblood split album artCabbage/Oxblood – Split
(RIYL: bedroom pop, post-grunge, slacker rock)

candy azure album artCandy – Azure
(RIYL: jangle rock, dream pop, lo-fi)

猫 シ Corp. news at 11 album art猫 シ Corp. – News at 11
(RIYL: vapourwave, 90s TV, mass media)

cayetana tired eyes album artCayetana – Tired Eyes
(RIYL: indie rock, jangle pop, punk)

FRY YR BRN album art

Cereal + Sounds & Z Tapes – FRY YR BRN
(RIYL: indie rock, covers, TV theme songs)

coping skills relatable web content album artCoping Skills – Relatable Web Content
(RIYL: lo-fi, bedroom pop, Millennial angst)

constant companion curious design album artConstant Companion – Curious Design
(RIYL: pop punk, lo-fi, indie rock)

corvus b france later album artCorvus B. – France, Later
(RIYL: poetry, spoken word, haunting banjo)

crabapple further out album art

Crabapple – Further Out
(RIYL: indie pop, summer jams, lo-fi)

daytime tv 2 album artDaytime TV – DAYTIME TV 2
(RIYL: indie pop, lo-fi, rock)

deer scout customs album artDeer Scout – Customs
(RIYL: folk, singer songwriter, Gregory and the Hawk)

dogbreth second homeDogbreth – Second Home
(RIYL: pop punk, Cloud Nothings, Joyride!, rock ‘n roll fun)

dowsing ratboys split album artDowsing / Ratboys – Split
(RIYL: indie rock, pop punk, emo)

dying adolescence album artDying Adolescence – Dear you, It can’t wait.
(RIYL: bedroom pop, lo-fi, teenage feelings)