American Enthusiasm are not from America at all, they’re from Falmouth. The duo, Samuel Bedford on guitar/vocals and Jack Baker on drums, make a moreish brand of lo-fi pop that’s frayed at the edges with a hint of fuzzy punk. Not content with the self-titled EP they released a few months back on Breakfast Records, they’ve made another one, Holy Wow, which is coming out in December on Specialist Subject Records.

Today we’re pleased to reveal the second single from the EP. ‘Limbaud’ is something of an anomaly on the record, by far the most sedate track of the seven. It’s short and sweet, clocking in at under two minutes, a kind of deadpan bedroom pop track, the woozy, sinuous atmosphere joined by lazy snaking guitars and Bedford’s impassive vocals.

“I feel so blessed in nothingness
hope you do too,
you’ve seen the dark behind those eyes
you’re in Limbaud
why don’t you know?”

American Enthusiasm will release Holy Wow on the 9th of December on Specialist Subject Records. It’s definitely one worth pre-ordering, because the whole thing is great (we’ll have a full review closer to release). The band also go on a short tour of the South in early December – dates below:

Dec 3rd: Bristol – The Old England
Dec 8th: Falmouth – Mono
Dec 9th: Southampton – house show
Dec 10th: Exeter – Phoenix
Dec 17th: London – Montague Arms
Jan 8th: Bristol – Milk Thistle
Jan 14th: Falmouth – Mono
Jan 19th: London – Old Blue Last