We introduced Skinny Blonde in our latest Best of the Rest roundup, describing how they mix “power pop and garage rock together with wry humour and deadpan vocals to tell stories of wasted youth”. Beginning life as the moniker of New York’s Michael Turzilli, the band has evolved into a full outfit with Sam Farnum (guitar), Troy Krusz (bass) and Jim Murtagh (drums). Latest release, Precious Cargo, highlighted the strengths of the move, with a nice range of styles and influences worming they’re way into the six tracks, all bound together by humorous-but-earnest lyrics which challenge both those who refuse to take life seriously and those who go overboard in the opposite direction.

New single ‘Go To Sleep’ see Skinny Blonde expand their sound in various directions. While the deadpan vocals remain, the instrumentation is looser and noisier, producing a nice contrast between intensity and cool so that the track sounds like the sardonic cousin of LVL UP. The juxtaposition extends as far as the samples which book end the song, the knowing chat set next to some rather unhinged screaming. Indeed, it’s this incongruity which Turzilli aims to examine with Skinny Blonde, the band “both the musical representation of Turzilli’s creative process and the false ideal he looks up to.”

You can get Precious Cargo, right now from the Skinny Blonde Bandcamp page.