A while back we told you about demos, by glider, out on French indie label Hidden Bay Records. Hidden Bay have a new release, a single by Brighton shoegaze/post-punk band Lunar Quiet. Unfortunately the single is released in very sad circumstances, with the release dedicated to Tom Knights, the band’s singer and guitarist who died earlier this year.

‘Cold Spell’ begins with laid back and dreamy guitar, before whipping up into a storm, Knights’s vocals at first droll and disaffected, but eventually raising into a raw-throated plea. The whole thing escalates further into a frenzied last 40 seconds, the lyrics barely decipherable behind the squall of instrumentation.

B-side ‘Endless Migraine’ delivers a second shot of shadowy post punk, with an undulating bass line and yelled vocals. Again the song descends into madness, the drums hammered to hell as Knights repeats the line “endless migraine!” with increasing fervour.

You can get ‘Cold Spell’ now on cassette via Hidden Bay Records. The release comes complete with a 32-page art and photography zine.

photo of lunar quiet cassette tape