Honey Stretton is the project of London’s Hana Williams, who makes music that’s like bedroom pop from a bygone era. Wail is her first EP, released on Canigou Records, a label and community set up by Williams and a group of friends to unite musicians and visual artists between South East London and Southern Spain.

Opener ‘Bed’ sounds like a sonic time capsule from a rainy wartime evening, Williams’s voice rising from a dusty gramophone in the corner sounding both cinematic and distant. The delicate guitar on ‘Tired Mind’ tumbles as if caught on a breeze, the vocals supported by gentle coos and a tidal background hum, before the piano-led ‘The Rain Thief’. The track sounds somehow apprehensive, at least at first, as if someone is playing in a dark and empty room at midnight, though eventually settles into a more certain groove of melancholy.

The title track closes the EP, stretching over 8 minutes with gentle quite and Williams’s quiet croon. After the halfway mark the song descends into a rumbling, disonant noise, like a relentless wind battering a flat and barren landscape, the vocals reduced to just another brief echo in time.

You can get Wail now from the Canigou Records Bandcamp page. Its available as a digital download, or on cassette, which comes complete with a bonus track and an unique hand-drawn artwork. Oh and 10% of sales goes to Refuge, so what are you waiting for? Also, be sure to check out the Honey Stretton Soundcloud page for a few more tracks.

-Photo credit: Jack Goodwin-