Mystery Mini Mix is a shiny new feature dredged up from somewhere within the collective imagination of the WTD crew. Basically, we’ve made a huge list of song prompts (eg. Song with a colour in the title) and are getting our favourite writers and music people to curate a list of songs according to the randomly-assigned prompts they receive. It’s then up to them to craft their very own ‘EP’, deciding on the track order, release title and artwork. If they want to write a little bit about their choices then that’s cool too.

This week we welcome Lauren Rearick of The Grey Estates. If you need something by way of introduction, our review of her recent compilation, Sugar Rush, is probably a good place to start. Also, Lauren runs a podcast with her friend Noah that you should listen/subscribe to right now.

Choices Without Reason

by Lauren Rearick

Song you’d play during the apocalypse

Phantom Planet – Big Brat

If the world was going to end in a fiery explosion or whatever and I was left to watch, I’d wanna go out in style. I’m kind of obsessed with Phantom Planet, as they soundtracked my high school years and adult years. I feel like this would be appropriate to play as you got to watch all of the “Big Brat”s disappear. I also wouldn’t wanna play a sad song because I don’t know what’s beyond and maybe it’s pretty cool.

Song for the sunniest day of the year

Thee Oh Sees – AA Warm Breeze

Thee Oh Sees are basically the hardest working, best garage/punk/badass rockers out there and their entire catalog is made for sunshine. There are two versions of “AA Warm Breeze” out there and I prefer this more reckless one. It’s a little longer than the one that appears on Castlemania and gets you ready for an adventure in the sunshine.

Song that reminds you of someone awful

Yo La Tengo – Autumn Sweater

I pretended to like this song and band for the longest time because a then boyfriend was all about them but I hate it. A lot. It’s sad and mopey like him.

(Jon: Lauren asked me to add a second song here, “Because I feel like as much as we think we need to depend on someone else, there are times when it’s perfectly okay to be alone”).

Song with a city in the title

Cayetana – South Philly

Cayetana is poetry, endless relatable poetry that pours forth from the deepest parts of their heart. I was in Philly once for a millisecond and their music always feels like you’re in some dingy basement somewhere watching them make musical magic.

Song that makes you want to dance around your bedroom

The Coathangers – Squeeki Tiki

I literally do dance around in my bedroom to this song. The Coathangers are my inspiration for life and embracing being a bad ass female. They also use a dog toy for this song. A DOG TOY!

Song you’d like played in your funeral

Chastity Belt – Drone

The first time I heard “Drone” from Chastity Belt, I felt as if they had basically lifted a page from my diary. When you spend a lifetime trying to prove yourself to men or gain any sort of recognition in the field of music journalism as a female, this is the song you need to motivate you. It’s my anthem.

And here’s the mix as one handy Playmoss playlist for those of you that are too lazy to click play more than once:

Make sure you add The Grey Estates to your bookmarks (you people still use bookmarks, right?), and to pop back here next week for the next Mystery Mini Mix.