Mystery Mini Mix is a shiny new feature dredged up from somewhere within the collective imagination of the WTD crew. Basically, we’ve made a huge list of song prompts (eg. Song with a colour in the title) and are getting our favourite writers and music people to curate a list of songs according to the randomly-assigned prompts they receive. It’s then up to them to craft their very own ‘EP’, deciding on the track order, release title and artwork. If they want to write a little bit about their choices then that’s cool too.

Today we welcome the friendly human behind Very Small Album Review, the Twitter account that does what it says on the tin. If you prefer you new music in palatable doses without too many words or details, this is the place for you.

Small Albums Test Mix

by Small Albums

Song from a different continent

Architecture in Helsinki – Debbie

Architecture in Helsinki is not from Finland, but they are from Australia. I love Australia, and I have always loved this band. I chose the song “Debbie” because it’s a perfect song in my book. Every time I hear it I think of ostriches just going wild at a Giant Bird Party. The mix of synthesizers and horns is killer. But the greatest part of the song is the scream blurts at the end of some of the verses. I always imagine an ostrich swallowing magma and then just freaking out at those parts. Also the way the vocals literally sound worn out by the end of the song is so genuine and excellent. I love this song. Ride a bike and listen to this song. It’ll be the best bike ride ever. You might just do an E.T., and fly past the moon!

Loudest song you know

Dan Deacon – Wham City

So volume wise I could pick any song by The Chariot, or Test Icicles had some absolute scorchers, or those original Sleigh Bells demos that were so good and so ear splitting. (Wish they would have stayed on that path). But in using the term “loud” I thought of like when someone’s wearing a “loud” shirt, or a person is described as “loud.” So the “loudest” song i immediately thought of is Dan Deacon’s masterpiece, “Wham City.” The first time I heard this song in my car I couldn’t get over how thrilled I was that this piece of music is real. It is so long, so insane, so fun, so over the top! If this song was a shirt, I would wear it multiple times a week.

Song with food in the title

mewithoutYou – A Stick, A Carrot & String

To me this is a Christmas song. One of the best ever. It focuses on the glory of the birth of Jesus and who He TRULY is. His desire to bring a grace we cannot earn or buy and the relief he so peacefully showed up to extend to all of us. mewithoutYou is my ultimate favorite band, and this song just speaks the truth in love and gentleness. There’s also an electric lead at the end sprinkled above the song that sits so nicely. The part at the end about the snake is one of the most poignant pieces of writing I’ve ever heard. “And the snake who’d held the world, a stick, a carrot and a string was crushed beneath the Foot of Your not wanting anything.”

Song with a city in the title

Girls – Life in San Francisco

Girls is one of my all time fave bands. This B-Side from Album is like eating a Ghirardelli chocolate square, but the filling inside is a window with yellow sunlight pouring in over old flower patterned drapes on a drowsy Sunday afternoon.

Song you’d like played at your funeral

Sister Rosetta Tharpe – My Journey To The Sky

It would be rad if everyone that comes to my funeral made some jokes, did some stand up comedy, and then at the end, this incredible Sister Rosetta Tharpe song plays as everyone walks out and everyone sings really loudly along with it. Just completely focused on me going home to my friend Jesus. Then everyone goes outside and eats pizza and root beer floats and it’s a beautiful day.

Song to soundtrack the distant future

Q and Not U – Soft Pyramids

So the easy way out on this topic of the future is some sort of robotic, electronic jam. But this Q and Not U song has stuck with me for so long, and it’s what I hope the future looks like. In this future we speak in spelling and there’s weird quiet places in conversation rather than filling every second up with noise. The way this song ends is exactly what I hope for the future. I hope we go back to what would have been sitting around and listening to someone play a harmonica outside of a hand made house, but the harmonica of the future=the melodica, of course. This song was ahead of its time and in some ways still feels like it is. Future song.

Song from this year

Young Scum – If You Say That

This is Small Albums approved SONG OF THE SUMMER. It would go well in the opening scenes of a ‘90s teen comedy, but a smart one that deserves the depth and excellence of the songwriting Young Scum bring to their music. The thing about this song is the beginning is REALLY IMMEDIATELY GREAT, but the song only gets even better as it goes on. Definitely going to be one of our VERY fave songs of 2016.

And for those of you who like a bit of continuity in life, here are the songs collected into a Playmoss playlist ready for your listening pleasure.

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