The Perennials are Pete and Amanda Wells, a twenty-something couple who met as teenagers in an Italian Bible study school before uniting as a band in Spokane, WA. Since relocating to Brooklyn to work with Thomas Bartlett (AKA Doveman), the duo are set to release their debut EP via Brassland, the label run by Alec Hanley Bemis and The National’s Dessner twins. In preparation for the Autumn release, the band have put out two singles to give us a taste of what the EP has in store, complete with videos by nature photographer and Instagram ‘star’ Cory Crawford, who the band call a friend.

The first, ‘Breadcrumbs’, which premiered on Brooklyn Vegan back in May, finds Amanda Wells take the vocal lead on what is a fleet-footed and ultimately cathartic song. Doveman provides piano and supporting brass arrangements to give the track a glorious depth, transforming it from an indie rock anthem into something far more developed. Variety and intricacy and poetic lyrics coalesce around the central drive to create something intuitive and considered.

“Pebbles, scattered freely
through forests of green leaves
glow like stars in the meadow
when the moon shines bright
they will lead us home”

Second track, ‘Miss Marionette’, finds Pete Wells at the helm, his striking baritone vocals channelling Cash and Berninger to create a dense, intimate atmosphere, like the heavy summer air before an electrical storm.

The EP is set for release later this year. While you wait you can pick up ‘Breadcrumbs’ from the Brassland website or The Perennials Bandcamp page.

Photo by Tamara Weber