Space Mountain is the recording project of Boston’s Cole Kinsler, a man who has released a new album every year since 2013. Firstly, Ferry Lane emerged with chilled out, if slightly skewed summer rock songs, while Wilderness Explorer had more restrained moments in a way reminiscent of Trace Mountains. Last year’s Gargantua saw Kinsler cement the Space Mountain sound, oscillating between quiet, clear delivery and fuzzed out indie rock, pitching perky 90s melodies with vulnerable songwriting that delve far deeper than it might seem upon first listen.

Following the annual pattern, Space Mountain have just announced a new album, Big Sky. With vocals from Ava Trilling of fellow Boston band Forth Wanderers, lead single ‘Never Lonely’ starts off as a carefree jam before bummed out vocals enter to give the track a summer night vibe, expansive and warm and wistful. From here things shrink inwards, becoming increasingly personal as the song charts a way to rise above loneliness and find peace and connection.

“Met a friend today
And im feeling okay
She’s in my head
I’m never lonely
Sings me to sleep
deeper I creep”

Big Sky is due to be released on the 26th August and you can pre-order it now via the Space Mountain Bandcamp page, or on CD from Dust Etc. and cassette from Super Fan 99 (from 15/08).

Album artwork by Heather Goodwind