Varsity are an indie rock five-piece from Chicago. The latest in their series of double A-side singles (previous instalments of which are on the Varsity Bandcamp) has arrived just in time for the weather to turn hot and us greedy music consumers to set our sights on something a little more “pop”.

‘Smash’ is an upbeat pop song, sunny and dreamy and just really nice. Lead Stephanie Smith is the focal point, her vocals gluing everything together into something that’s guaranteed to get your toes a’tapping. The catchy chorus comes good on the sporty promise of the band’s name.

“I thought a soccer ball could have it all
it made me feel like I was seven feet tall
I thought a baseball bat was where it was at
a revolutionary way to fight back”

Second track ‘Still Apart’ is another lush pop song, a tale of confused love with an airy summer evening feel juxtaposed against its slick and catchy pop sensibility. The cooing background vocals add a syrupy romantic air, a blurred edge to what is essentially a bright and melodious pop song.

You can get Smash / Still Apart on a name-you-price basis via the Varsity Bandcamp page.