See You At Home are a duo from London who openly admit to dealing mainly in sad songs, a genre that fuses melancholy dream pop to hyper-emotional emo. It reminds me strongly of a dreamier Gleemer and side project These Bashful Claws. Their latest release, The Future’s Here & Its Terrible (an awfully apt name considering this past week or so), is a dreamy foray into the depths of a worried and emotionally overloaded mind, what the band describe as “a toast to hiding your feelings”.

Things are packed with melancholy and nostalgia from the first track, ‘Dirt Under My Fingernails’, which opens with the lines,”I buried it below the tree, near the place where we had picnics as kids / with the tyre swing and the ditch /it’s now six feet deep”. The start of ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ is a mellow drone, backed with burbling field recordings of birds and a stream, before a pleading audio sample from BoJack Horseman and light and spidery guitars precede the vocals proper.

‘Dim Sum’ sounds warm and sad, like that ache of fading light on a quiet summer evening, before closer ‘Something Profound & Meaningful’, a vague and emotional song with lyrics that seemingly describe the devotion of the narrator to someone who isn’t quite well.

“You dream of teeth,
and nothing else,
and nothing else.
And you feel oh so sick.
Your mind is in hell,
your mind is in hell.
But I will think of you,
and I will dream of you”

You can get The Future’s Here & It’s Terrible now on a name-your-price basis from the See You At Home Bandcamp page.