We featured asdfasdf by Australia’s Katie Dey on our Favourite Free Music of 2015 list, along with the tags “bedroom pop, experimental, lo-fi”. While these labels are perhaps factually accurate, they do little to describe the music in all of its unique strangeness. Dey takes the tried-and-tested bedroom pop formula and stretching it in weird directions. Through contorting and distorting, defacing and disfiguring, the songs emerge incongruous but somehow more meaningful, the odd glitches and surprising turns managing to convey the sensations that words cannot.

Dey has recently unveiled a new single in preparation for the release of a full-length album, Flood Network. ‘Fear O’ The Light’ acts as the yang to asdfasdf‘s yin (that is, ‘Fear O’ The Dark’), bursting with an almost kaleidoscopic energy without prelude or introduction. The effect should be disorientating but is in fact just the opposite, the song feeling, for all of its unfamiliar facets and precipitous intensity, as intuitive for the listener as it seems to be for Dey herself. Just imagine being dropped on some distant alien planet, crashing through a psychedelic sky into a land filled with unfathomable structures, only to find that you can breathe.

Flood Network will be released on the 12th August via Joy Void and you can pre-order it now.