will b & the teen creeps is the project of Will Boldero from Leeds, a “bored teen with nothing better to do”, who makes bedroom-recorded lo-fi rock songs to pass the time. His debut EP, slackers, was released last month, our first taste of a sound that the blurb describes as “the love child of Wavves and teen suicide”.

Opener ‘hi’ is a lo-fi rock song that sounds like it’s being blasted through blown-out speakers, a catchy swaggering tune drenched in interference and feedback. ‘fluke’ is a lot more reserved and pysch-tinged, before the title track comes barrelling along in a tumult of slapped drums and messy guitar.

“hiding from my choices, reach for the ceiling?
hell no, i sleep in
i’m a slacker, what’s the point in trying?”

‘huh??’ is a slice of downer lo-fi, while ‘death before decaf’ is a twitchy and claustrophobic song which tells the sordid tale of caffeine addiction and how it can destroy lives, not just of the affected but of their loved ones too, “i can’t get to sleep, my conscience in creeping me / all i need is another one”. ‘Yung’ closes the release with its shimmering shoegazey haze, Boldero’s mumbled vocals delivering lyrics which see him finding solace (or excuses) in his youth.

You can get slackers on a name-your-price basis over at the will b & the teen creeps Bandcamp page.