So if you’re even half aware of the happenings in whatever you call this music scene we love, you’ll probably already know that Mitski Miyawaki, AKA Mitski, has announced a new album, Puberty 2. To be released this June, the record follows 2014’s Bury Me at Makeout Creek, a supremely human record which refused to settle into any simple mood or message, shape-shifting the moment you thought you’d seen the true centre. As we described:

“Maybe centre is nothing, a blank canvas across which the fleeting emotions dance and die and rise again. Maybe we are just whatever we’re feeling at any given moment. Maybe.”

So far there is only one song available from the new record, though it certainly does not disappoint. ‘Your Best American Girl’ is trademark Mitski, facing up to huge social issues in her humane way. Imagine a tiny person standing in front of a motorcade of loud, tank-like SUVs decorated with flashing lights and star-spangled banners. The person has two options: Either 1) she gets into one of the vehicles and becomes part of the parade (they unlock from the inside, but someone will let her in) or she stands her ground and risks never having such an opportunity again. The song finds her in the middle of the road, not flinching or even blinking, but as is to be expected, she’s swallowing nervously.

The video, directed by Zia Anger and produced by Rachel Wolther, pulls no punches with regard to the themes, the Coachella-ready, culturally appropriating white couple becoming increasingly intimate/obscene, screaming for attention, all the while draped in the stars and stripes.

“Your mother wouldn’t approve
Of how my mother raised me
But I do, I think I do
And you’re an all-American boy
I guess I couldn’t help
Try to be
Your best American girl.”

The album will be released on the 17th June via Dead Oceans, so head on over to the Puberty 2 Pledge Music page and choose the option you desire. In support, Mitski will be hitting the road this summer with Jay Som and Japanese Breakfast for an extensive North America tour. Those of you state side can find all the dates below: