Outer Spaces are a band from Baltimore lead by ex-Witches frontwoman Cara Beth Satalino, with Chester Gwazda (who used to produce Satalino’s solo releases) and Rob Dowler (of Tides and Nuclear Power Pants). Salinas and Stupid Bag Records put out their most recent EP, Garbage Beach, back in 2014, a release which gathered millennial worries and crafted them into warm indie rock (even with lyrics like, “Civilization’s dying. We keep being reminded”). Now the trio are back with a full-length album, A Shedding Snake, which will be released this May.


In preparation, the band have released lead single ‘ I Saw You’. Falling somewhere between Mount Moriah and Waxahatchee, the song suggests the new album will continue in the same vein as their previous music. The track is both cool and uncompromising, in possession of a spirit that’s buoyant yet not irreverent, shot through with a sense of easy confidence. Check out the video directed by Becca Brooks Morrin below:

A Shedding Snake is set to be released on the 27th May and you can pre-order it now from Don Giovanni Records.

Photo by Micah E. Wood