Last week we posted about Fable, the new album from Sam Moss. We were pretty excited to hear the whole thing after hearing first single ‘Postman’, and so are delighted to today share another track from the album. If you missed our first post, here’s what Moss says about the record – “Fable is a collection of eight songs that were written in 2013 and 2014. They formed fully during a period of rootlessness and floated with me across the time zones of the United States. It is not a road record, though it is owed to the road.”

‘Vertebrae’ is a sparse and slow folk rock track, opening with susurrant percussion before the onset of guitars and Moss’ deep and cryptic lyrics, at once corporeal and metaphysical, skin & bone and the ever-rushing passage of time.

“Did you watch my vertebrae
Slendering out
Or did you watch your own?
Stretching skin over the bone
I’ve grown
Learning to be proud”

Fans of acts such as Small Sur and Elephant Micah while find lots to like. The really good news is that I’ve had the good fortune to hear the entire album and the quality doesn’t drop one bit.

Fable will be released on the 6th of May. If you like what you hear, lend your support by preordering at the Sam Moss Indiegogo page (including some super cool bonus perks – we particularly like The Book option), or via his Bandcamp.