Massachusetts’ You Won’t, the duo of Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri, impressed many with their 2012 debut, Skeptic Goodbye. Since then things have been pretty quiet on the You Won’t front, that is until an exciting announcement last week. The band are back with their sophomore album, titled Revolutionaries, which has been two and a half years in the making and just the latest output in a partnership that has been active for over fifteen years.

The blurb has us hopeful here at WTD, promising “a reflection on the crumbling of youthful idealism in the face of the compromises and moral ambiguities of adulthood… and to the enduring, quixotic sense of shared purpose that has fuelled their creative partnership”. They also promise an evolution in sound from their début, what the band describe as a “raw, driving, cacophonous aesthetic”, which is apparently “the natural outgrowth of the four-legged noise circus You Won’t has been bringing to dive bars and rock clubs across the US for the past few years.”

Lead single ‘Ya Ya Ya’ holds up to expectation, the ramshackle indie pop reassuringly You Won’t, a sound that sounds as fresh and distinctive now as it did back in 2012. The nicely strange lyrics explore feelings of personal worries and failings from the viewpoint of a concerned narrator, the track ultimately hopeful of some better future.

“So your daddy was a poltergeist
sent your little sister screaming down the hallway
well I don’t know about the afterlife,
but I can help you to forget about the old days”

Revolutionaries is due to be released on the 29th of April via Extraneous Music LLC / Meddling Kids. Stay tuned to the You Won’t Bandcamp page for updates.