If you paid attention to WTD last year, you may remember that Jake Bellissimo is the young man behind Gay Angel, an experimental indie pop project which created the 100-song mega-album Floral. As you might imagine, the undertaking was an impressive one, leading us to describe his work as “a bold artistic statement, an unflinching portrait of a rich, messy and confusing life… like Bellissimo’s every single thought and dream translated into music and committed to tape”.

That release proved to be the Gay Angel project’s swansong, but that doesn’t mean that Bellissimo has stopped creating. After a few months break to return to writing again, he is back with new music under his own name and is prepping a release at the end of the month. It will be called Piece of Ivy and we’re lucky enough to be able to share with you the first single.piece of ivy cover

The title track is a gentle indie pop song, like late morning sunshine with strummed acoustic guitar and good-natured vocals. The lyrics tell of a life transplanted into a new environment, of adapting to change eventually using the analogy of a piece of ivy taken inside:

“Piece of ivy why
are you the one who’s growing up in size
forget your life
cut from your branch and placed onto the
table in my room was that too soon
I kinda like how you look from across the room
growing roots”

Piece of Ivy will be released as a lathe cut 7″ record on the 31st of March on Drunk With Love Records. The release marks the first of a new era for Drunk With Love Records, what Bellissimo describes as a shift in focus “from a cathartic art project to a more serious record label”. So be sure to stay tuned to their brand new website for news of future releases, as well as the Jake Bellissimo website for all his updates.record preview