Govier is the bedroom pop project of Atlanta-based Malcolm Hirsch, a purveyor of lo-fi goodness both in terms of sound and aesthetic (he draws his own artwork). His latest release, Hermit Crab, is a great example of this. Two parts Malkmus to one part Kozelek, he crafts songs which deepen with every listen, the original simplicity or irreverence folding inwards until you can no longer see it.

Anyways, there’s a new Govier album coming soon. Titled Predator, the album is possibly about monsters (metaphorical or otherwise) and our fear of them, although we’ll have to wait and see. So far we only have the first single, ‘Have This Dance’, a track awash strange sounds which could belong amongst the stars or at the bottom of the sea. The vocals are deadpan yet the lyrics are earnest, with Hirsch suffering from the classic Gen Y affliction of wanting to be honest without appearing naive.

“Feeling kind of insecure,
well, maybe… not sure.”

Predator is due to be released this spring with a limited run on Z Tapes so be sure to keep an eye out on Govier’s Bandcamp page. In the meantime, why not get acquainted with Hermit Crab from last year?