This week All Dogs premiered ‘That Kind of Girl’, the first single off their debut album Kicking Every Day, which is slated for release August 28th on Salinas Records. If ‘That Kind of Girl’ is any indication, Kicking Every Day promises to be a stunner. The song has been receiving high praise around the web from heavyweight blogs like NPR’s All Songs Considered, Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan, not to mention support from other cool bands, including a personal favorite of mine, New York’s own LVL UP.

In the middleground between pop music and punk, where some of the most exciting and interesting bands reside, All Dogs stands out as something special.  Fronted by Maryn Jones (whose solo album as Yowler we loved), this band is loud without sounding overtly angry and catchy without simply being poppy. They are a force; pairing lyrics that are cooly poignant with the kind of melodies you can’t (and don’t want to) get out of your head.  Listening to ‘That Kind of Girl’ is like emotional shadowboxing. It feels like letting out all the pent up frustration that builds when struggling against something but getting nowhere. There’s no self-pity in the all-too relatable lyric, “I am underneath the water, kicking every day”. And when you shout along to those words it feels liberating, like you too are owning your struggle.

Feast thine ears on ‘That Kind of Girl’ below.

Kicking Every Day is slated for release in mid-August on Salinas Records.

Photo by Hillary Jones