I stumbled across this Northern Virginian band a few weeks back and downloaded a few of their songs which subsequently got mixed in with a whole lot of other random MP3s and not really given the attention they deserve. It took me the last fortnight or so to realise that ’I’ve Got a Mind’ and ’When I’m With You I Feel Strange’ were actually by the same band, as is the difference in style and sound between the two tracks. One is a sample laden ambient sort of song and the other a folky strum along. However in my opinion this is where the band’s strength lies.

The biggest problem for me with dreamy electronic-pop records is that unless you are listening to it at exactly the right time (maybe walking along a beach, watching the world go by out of a train window or in the semi-conscious realms of night time listening) they often pass me by. Rems Floating Chandelier break up the styles to ensure your attention is kept throughout the record. This may not be intended and they may in the future decide to stick to one of the styles more closely but I think it works on this album to great effect.

Their self-titled album is available for free on their Bandcamp page so you have no excuse not to check them out.